Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here's a sneak peek at 6 soon to be paintings sketched out on canvas.

Love. 8x8 on 2" thick museum wrapped canvas

Missy owl and her partners in crime. 8x8 on 2" thick museum wrapped canvas

Imaginary play. 11x14 on 2" thick museum wrapped canvas

Miss Locks for Love's olives. 8x8 on 2" thick museum wrapped canvas

 Courtney and her prince Angry Bird. 12x12 on 2" thick museum wrapped canvas

Multitasker Logan in mommies favorite shoes.12x12 on 2" thick museum wrapped canvas

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My 3 Paintings are Finished! Check them out.

  8x10 - Skater Boy Sticky Face

 8x10 - Penelope's Play

10x17 - Lala

All my canvases are 2" thick museum wrapped with jute rope framing.

7 of my "character" pieces thus far.

10% of the proceeds from my print sales will go to St. Jude Children's Research Center..Finding Cures, Saving Children.


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Originals are for sale on my site. www.nataliespinelli.com

Marketing experience is a GREAT foundation to have when making a living as an artist or designer.

I feel very fortunate to have the 11 years of Marketing experience under my belt. The funny thing is is that all this time (since graduating college in '99) I have been wishing and dreaming of making a living at painting and resenting my choice to work in the Corporate world as a Marketing Director.  I take all that resentment back!! I think it was meant to be this way for me. I now have the knowledge and insight as how to market my art work. I think it's a HUGE part in "making" a living as a professional artist...ya gotta be able to market yourself. And it's more than understanding Social Networking, SEO and advertising. It's relationship building, partnering, strategic planning, branding, pricing for all the tiers of income levels....there are a lot of very good artists in the world - you have to ask yourself "how can I stand out amongst the crowd?"

Friday, February 18, 2011

In Progress Painting - Penelope's Play, Skater Boy and Lala

I still have quite a bit to do on this one. I really love this one...because I love to hula hoop. :)
This is 8x10 and 2" thick museum wrap. I will hopefully finish it tonight.

 Skater Boy is close to being done. I just need to paint in the lollipop.Yum. This is an 8x10 on 2" thick museum wrapped canvas.

Here's Lala. She's close to being done. This is an 11x14 2" thick museum wrapped canvas.

Here they are side by side. They look great with all of the other paintings. Penelope would be awesome paired with the Red Cardinal. LOVE cadmium red....it's so powerful and amazing to paint with.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Penelope's Play 8x10 Acrylic and scraps of paper on 2" thick museum wrapped canvas.

Here's the start of the third painting. I love drawing big buns. Hair Buns!!! :)

Painting In Progress

Here's the sketch on the canvas before it gets painted.When I paint it transforms into my strange little characters..This particular piece is called "LaLa". It's my daughter. I gave her that nickname when she was a baby. She constantly cooed and said, "Lala, lala, lala".

Her Grandma Spinelli gave her a guitar for Christmas and she practices in her room almost every night. So stinken cute.

Here's Skater Baby..

Here's LaLa and Skater Baby Side by side. I have a 3rd piece. I'll post progress later.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have my STORE finished. My paintings are ready for purchase!

Check out my STORE. www.nataliespinelli.com.   My first batch of paintings are available for purchase. Now I can get back down in the studio and work on the next batch.

8x8 Sweet Red Cardinal in Acrylic

The kids and I painted birdhouses over the winter and filled them with bird seed and hung them in one of our beautiful trees in kitchen view.  It's so fun watching all the birds rotate in and out of the houses. We noticed that the cardinals were the most shy and nervous of all the birds. The Blue Jay's are definitely the Alpha bird and for some reason when we see the Red Cardinal, soon after a Big Bad Blue Jay comes swooping down. They must stalk the cardinals.

I'm going to put this painting in my online shop today. (I'm slowly, but surely getting paintings loaded to the shop. www.nataliespinelli.com

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painted Stairs!!! I'm seriously thinking about borrowing this fabulous idea!

We are finishing our basement...I was planning on painting them and then putting a jute runner down the center. BUT this is just gorgeous. I'll create my own stencils of course. :)

Kids Rooms

My first gallery show in San Francisco was a successful show...many of the buyers bought my paintings for their kids' rooms. It makes sense my kids all have my paintings in their rooms. I think it's great to put original art in kids' rooms to help teach them about art and to inspire them to be creative. Art education is so important to me.

My paintings look good in a romantic setting too.

Love it.

I think the next paintings...I'll go big!

I think this could work....

It's my lunch hour...my new creative hour.

I have several blank canvas' ready to go. I can't wait to get in the mess of creating. Painting is so much more fun when it comes from your imagination. The things that I dream about and picture in my head magically transfer onto the canvas...the scary part is sharing it with everyone. And I do filter what I share. :-)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Now I need to price my new pieces....ugh!

In 1999, I sold my paintings and drawings for $250 - $550....they were a little larger, but I was fresh out of school...now I'm an old lady...does that have merit? :-) Maybe I'll start off at $100.00 per 8x8 and go up from there and when the demand gets high, (hopeful?? Is that bad?)  I'll up it a bit.

Any suggestions?

Potentially Original Idea!!!

I came up with an idea to wrap my 2" thick canvas' in jute to give my paintings a finished, unique look. (not sure it's original, but I haven't seen it...so it is to me!)  I hate how much frames cost...they sometimes cost more than my art work...I thinks that's ridiculous. I use the best canvas available and I add the hanging hardware to the back...sweeet ready to go. See the jute rope below? I wrapped a long strand around and around to get this finished look. Tedious? Uh yeah! But looks fresh.

Here's to a New Start!

Happy Valentines Day! I've been spending my extra time in the studio...and it feels wonderful. I have a gazillion ideas and my sketchbook is filling up. Above is my new favorite piece titled, Loven Lola. Appropriate for the day. You can see 9 other pieces in this series. I plan to have over 30 done by Spring...maybe more. Slide Show of my NEW creations.