Saturday, February 19, 2011

Marketing experience is a GREAT foundation to have when making a living as an artist or designer.

I feel very fortunate to have the 11 years of Marketing experience under my belt. The funny thing is is that all this time (since graduating college in '99) I have been wishing and dreaming of making a living at painting and resenting my choice to work in the Corporate world as a Marketing Director.  I take all that resentment back!! I think it was meant to be this way for me. I now have the knowledge and insight as how to market my art work. I think it's a HUGE part in "making" a living as a professional artist...ya gotta be able to market yourself. And it's more than understanding Social Networking, SEO and advertising. It's relationship building, partnering, strategic planning, branding, pricing for all the tiers of income levels....there are a lot of very good artists in the world - you have to ask yourself "how can I stand out amongst the crowd?"

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