Friday, March 11, 2011

Here are a couple more progress shots of the latest paintings.

I'm still working on a title..for now it's "Cherries" This 16x16 painting has been so much fun with all the detail.
The skirt is Acrylic on the bottom half and handmade paper on the top half. Inspired by Italian wrap skirts. I think the top is going to be a creamy butter color.... I think. I'm going to put a light yellow ochre wash over the handmade paper to give it color harmony with the background. Her Hair is going to be dark auburn almost black.

I worked on all this detail late last night after all the kids went to bed. This painting is for my sweet Sister-In-Law, Colleen! I'm glad it will stay in the family. I really like how it is turning out.
Multitasker is almost done. I decided to use vintage book sheets for his cape. I just need to detail out the hat (inspired by the hat is Aunt Colleen made him). I love the blue and tan theme with the leopard heels. Cracks me up.


  1. Where do you get your motivation? What inspires you to draw?

  2. I want to create my own style but w/ inspiration by you. You have such a creative brain. Love your character. I know now that what i need to do is start working in mixed media instead of just trying to paint. Thank you!

  3. Hi Ladies,

    I get my inspiration from my children, random moments from my life, Disney World, Diego Rivera, Anita Kunz, Joe much inspires me.

    I like the imperfections we all have, I think they're beautiful.

    I've always loved birds, but they frighten me.
    I think they're beautiful and lucky to be able to fly.

    I draw things that make me smile and it turns out that it makes others smile too.

    My motivation comes from a desire to make interesting things and to someday make a living as an artist.

  4. you are giving away all your secrets!