Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paintings In Progress - March 03, 2011

Almost done with Courtney and her prince. I keep changing the title...who knows it might change again. I need to finish the tree and her skin.I should probably add some funky shadows. We'll see.
 Love is almost done. You can see a new little bird below. It was an accidental water/paint drop that I ended up liking and creating a little birdy out of. I like how it added movement to the composition.

 Locks for love. I still have quite a bit of work on this one. I love the little owl that is started in the lower left. He's going to be pretty cute sitting there with his leg up.

 Best friends still has some work I'm playing with the composition and color arangement.

 Multi-tasker...Can't wait to slap some more paint on this guy. I think it will be one of my favorites. It makes our family laugh.... :)
 Still working on the costumes and details. Something is charming about this one. Maybe it's because I've always loved playing dress up.

 Hard to see. I painted the yellow/brown background over the pencil. It's a girl sitting in a tree with an owl. It's 24" x 24'. I have a good feeling about this one. It's peaceful and is inspired by my late Grandmother who loved owls.

Here's a sketch on 16"x16" canvas. MuSHROOMS.

Another 16"x16" canvas. Cherries...yum. :-) The pleats are going to be fun!

Stay tuned for the finally on all of these paintings!!!

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